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Contributing to the improvement of the flexible
manufacturing system in
using robots

NEXTAGE is a highly versatile humanoid robot which performs various tasks.
It contributes to the automation in a wide range of fields such as electronic and electrical components industry, car industry, cosmetics and food manufacturers.

人の隣で一緒に作業ができる ヒト型ロボット

Supports work as a partner
and improves work efficiency

多種多様な作業に対応し 設置や移動も簡単

Learns multiple
operations and can be
operated in different
production lines

操作プログラムの専門知識が なくても使いやすい

Can be easily operated

Videos of "NEXTAGE" handling various objects
NEXTAGE improves productivity by ameliorating the manufacturing process, saving manower and preventing human errors.

Humanoid robot
that works with people to improve
the efficiency and for labor saving

NEXTAGE is a highly versatile humanoid robot developed for the purpose of collaborate with people.
Using its two arms, a wide range of tasks can be handled, such as complicated assembly, inspection, packaging, etc.
Since multiple movements can be easily programmed, it is useful in the field of high-mix low-volume production.
繊細かつ複雑な動きを得意とする 「人と協業すること」を前提に誕生したロボット
品質担保と高い生産性を実現、 更に現場のカイゼン活動時間を創出

While NEXTAGE do repetitive tasks, you can do more creative works.

Repetitive and simple tasks can be done by NEXTAGE. People can be engaged in more creative and highly-appreciated tasks.

We help you from the introduction
of robots to the operation and

With the deep knowledge about using humanoid robots, we offer the full service - from the introduction of the robot to the maintenance.
Even if it is the first time for you to introduce the robot, you can operate safely.
導入検討から 導入後のアフター・サービスまで伴走

We solve problems such as...

  • I want to improve the efficiency of production factory and save manpower.
  • I want to keep the quality of the product, but I want to reduce personal training costs.
  • I want to introduce a robot but I'm worried if I can operate it.