Videos of NEXTAGE

Application Examples of NEXTAGE

Our industrial robot NEXTAGE has been introduced to over 100 companies throughout Japan, including leading companies in each field.

NEXTAGE working at

The company overcomes the labor shortage by making NEXTAGE work in packing and packaging processes, such as boxing reagents and inserting package inserts!(Provided by GLORY LTD.)

NEXTAGE working at
GLORY Saitama factory

A flexible automated assembly line that supports high-mix, low-volume production. Received "The 5th Robot Award Next Generation Industry Special Award."(Provided by GLORY LTD.)

NEXTAGE Working at factories

Shares work with conventional industrial robots. NEXTAGE performs work that requires high precision, such as setting small parts on automatic machines.

NEXTAGE Working at factories

The video shows tasks unique to NEXTAGE, such as holding workpieces with both hands and applying tape. The image recognition function is used for post-work inspection.

NEXTAGE Working at factories

NEXTAGE recognizes small parts and performs pick and place. By combining the robot with a parts feeder, more reliable and efficient work is realized.

Sticker pasting

Sealing boxes by combining NEXTAGE and a labeler.

Screw tightening

NEXTAGE's dual arms enable various screw tightening tasks!

Packing bottled products

The application package "Cobako" can be used in various way. Once you attach a chuck hand to the robot, the robot can pack bottled products.

Appearance inspection

The versatility of NEXTAGE and its combination with inspection equipment enable visual inspection works!


Taking advantage of its features, NEXTAGE can skillfully attach stickers on large labels!


Dual-arm operation enables efficient packing of individual boxes into cardboard boxes!

Nx-Solution "Orikon"
-Folding container assembly system-

A package for assembling the folded container ("Oricon") and closing the lid. Can be used for various sizes of folded containers.

Nx-Solution "Stix"
- Stick product bagging automation system -

A package that scoops up works such as long packets of sugar and packs them into bags!

Nx-Solution "Cobako"
- Packing box assembly/
boxing system

Application package "Nx-Solution Cobako" using NEXTAGE. An automated package for the assembly and packing of boxes.

Nx-Solution "Pump"
- Work supply automation system -

A package that picks randomly-placed workpieces such as pumps (like of pump dispensers) and supplies them to automatic machines for alignment work!


NEXTAGE is equipped with an ASPINA robot hand to assemble metal parts. (Provided by Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.)

"Delvo"×NEXTAGE 2

The combination of NEXTAGE and Delvo realizes automation of assembly work! (Provided by Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.)

"Delvo" × NEXTAGE 1

The combination of NEXTAGE and Delvo realizes automation of assembly work! (Provided by Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.)


Watch a demonstration of pamphlet filing and reception work by Fillie, the latest model in the series, and a demonstration of packing box assembly and boxing using the application "Cobako" by NEXTAGE (NXA)!

iREX2023 "FastPicker"
-Automated Work Supply System -

A package that picks workpieces and arranges and supplies them to automatic machines.

iREX2023 Nx-Solution
Conveyor Tracking System "FlowPicker"

A package that picks and places workpieces flowing on a conveyor. It recognizes the work flowing on the conveyor with vision and follows the flow to pick and place.

iREX2023 Face to face sales store solution "Robot Marche"

This is a solution proposal for face-to-face sales using a dual-arm humanoid robot.
Nextage takes orders, selects products, does weighing, and accounting.

NEXTAGE Introduction
Movie 2019

This is the introduction video of the humanoid robot NEXTAGE, which celebrated its 10th anniversary! The video explains the features of NEXTAGE.

iREX 2017

Supports variable-variety, variable-volume production processes that were difficult to automate in the past! Three NEXTAGEs automate operations from picking tube products to packing and boxing.

iREX 2015

NEXTAGE picks and sorts items even when they are moving. The robot also uses the image recognition function to attach stickers and check images after work.

Washing Small Parts

0:30~ Pay attention to the robot shifting the workpiece from one arm to the other. It is a work that takes advantage of flexibility, such as setting to a machine in a limited space.

iREX 2013

NEXTAGE is mounted on the AGV to move among multiple locations for work. Also pay attention to combinations with peripheral devices such as electric screwdrivers.


NEXTAGE recognizes the work environment by itself and picks up various things even if the position is not fixed. Picking only specific items from a limited work area is highly flexible and unique to NEXTAGE.

Smartphone stand assembly

NEXTAGE performs tasks that require dual arms and high precision. The robot recognizes the insertion part with a camera and assembles it firmly even if it is misaligned.