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NEXTAGE's hardware with high workability is compatible with the open middleware environment "ROS".
Based on OpenRTM-aist, NEXTAGE OPEN provides excellent real-time performance. The humanoid research platform can be applied to cutting-edge research and development by linking with various types of software and devices that support ROS.
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NEXTAGE Fillie Open is now availeble for a wide range of research and development!

Although the payload is just 1.5kg/arm, this new robot is smaller and moves quicker than the previous model. If you are searching for a basic dual-arm robot that can easily be used for your research, and is somewhat less expensive, NEXTAGE Fillie OPEN will be your best partner,

*NEXTAGE Fillie OPEN is available only for direct sales.


NEXTAGE(NXA) OPEN is a research platform using the same hardware of NEXTAGE(NXA), which has been introduced to Japan's leading companies to work side by side with humans.

With its payload of 2.5kg/arm, NEXTAGE(NXA) OPEN will be your first choice when you are looking for a powerful, precise, and reliable robot research platform.
*NEXTAGE OPEN is available only for direct sales.

for Industrial Use

NEXTAGE coexist with humans - Can work in the same amount of space as humans,
can be easily moved around and installed due to its comtact design, and is a integrated robot system of the dual-arm, vision, and controller.


NEXTAGE was developed to ensure safety in manufacturing and to improve productivity under the concept of working "side by side with people."

With the integrated image recognition system, NEXTAGE identifies its surrounding environments and work objects. With its high versatility, it has automated many various simple tasks that people do.


NEXTAGE Fillie is the newest model of NEXTAGE.
The strengths of the robot are its "compact size," "cost-effectiveness," and "friendly-looking design."
Fillie was created to be used in wider fields, while staying true to the basic concept of NEXTAGE.
*Now available in Japan

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We solve problems such as...

  • I want to improve the efficiency of production factory and save manpower.
  • I want to keep the quality of the product, but I want to reduce personal training costs.
  • I want to introduce a robot but I'm worried if I can operate it.